Tourist Guides Of The Cities Of Texas

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Tourist Guides of the Cities of Texas

Texas is big, huge. It is bigger than many countries in the world. Also, the Solitary Star State is much more than Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin. With our series of Tourist Guides of the Cities of Texas, we will explore some of the smallest and most remote places in the state. We hope you get to appreciate the variety of sites of interest that can be found throughout Texas.

Our trip through Texas continues with a visit to the city of San Angelo, also known as the Pearl of the Conchos, for its location on the Rio Concho.

Abundance of Creativity

The cultural scene of the city benefits from its proximity to the Angelo State University, which cultivates a culture oriented to humanism and diversity, in an environment of vibrant energy.


For a city whose population is less than 100,000 inhabitants, the musical offer generated by the town is genuinely incredible. The San Angelo Symphony Orchestra produces up to 8 concerts a year and attracts world-renowned artists.

In April of each year the festival “Concho Valley Bluegrass Festival” takes place; Blues lovers should not miss the Simply Texas Blues Festival in May. For more than 20 years, the best jazz in the world of the Cactus Music Series has been presented at the historic Hotel Cactus. Have you ever imagined that someone would recommend going to West Texas to hear the best jazz?


The ballet also has its home in San Angelo, with the presentations of the San Angelo Civic Ballet; They also offer workshops and ballet and pilates classes. Their performances attract audiences of audiences of all ages so make sure you check the calendar of events when you head to San Angelo.

Also, the Civic Theater of San Angelo offers attractive staging. Founded in 1885 with the commitment to serve its community, this theater makes an essential contribution to the dynamic art scene of San Angelo.…