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harbor tours charleston

Where You Can Quickly Locate Harbor Tours Charleston Discounts

Traveling to South Carolina, especially along the coast, will eventually lead you to Charleston. You might be traveling into that area because you have always wanted to see areas that were heavily involved in the Civil War. You may have been on your way up from Florida, going through Savannah, and you will eventually come to this beautiful city. One of the best ways to experience Charleston is to do so from the harbor. There are a multitude of tours that you can take. Of course, you will be able to take tours on land and that will take you into areas of the city which are very beautiful. Yet you will never experience Charleston properly until you have gone on harbor tours Charleston that are currently available.

What Will The Tours Allow You To See?

These tours are going to show you many different things. It should be noted that the harbor tours schedule for most of them is going to be between the hours of 11 o’clock and 4 o’clock when you go. The evening activities, such as where they provide dinners and entertainment out on the harbor, typically began during the hours of 6 PM to 7:30 PM. The tours often start at the beginning of March, and although most of them will stop in November, they can actually go all the way through December in some cases. What you will see are some of the more beautiful landmarks, particularly those that are close to the harbor itself. You will see Forts Moultrie and Johnson, locations where both Union and Confederate soldiers were stationed. The enormous USS Yorktown, a ship that was used during World War II, will also be visible. Dolphins, pelicans, and even sea turtles will be seen from time to time. One of the more popular tourist attractions on the harbor, and certainly on land, is Fort Sumter.

harbor tours charleston

Will It Be Easy To Book Your Tour?

It should be fairly easy to book a tour simply because there are so many harbor tours that go on every year. Fortunately, the harbor is large enough to accommodate them all. Some of them are going to be relatively inexpensive, yet they will probably only provide the tour and will not have any entertainment or meals that will be served. To get that, this will likely be during the evening, allowing you to relax out on the water, preferably during the summer months when it is both beautiful and warm.

Special Deals On Charleston Harbor Tours

If you want to go on one of these tours, saving money should be a focus. If you are on a budget, or if you simply want to go on more than one of them, saving as much money as possible is recommended. They will be relatively inexpensive. Some of them are going to be far less than $100 for each person. It is only when you go on the tours that are extended, or if you are going to participate on a harbor activity that involves entertainment and food that you will pay much higher price.

If you can find these special deals online, or when you are booking your trip, take advantage of them quickly. This is a very popular destination, especially during the spring and summer. If you are going to be in Charleston for at least a week, you have to go on at least one of these. Harbor tours Charleston will be one of your most memorable events, one that will likely be the highlight of all of the tours that you take of this iconic South Carolina city.