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garden room Scotland

A Guide To The Pros And Cons Of Conservatories Versus Garden Room Scotland

For individuals who would prefer more living space in their homes, but does not require a full-scale extension of the property, there are several methods to handle this situation. Two solutions involve building a conservatory or investing in a garden room. While a garden room Scotland and a conservatory are of the same approximate cost, one needs to consider other issues to make a decision between the two. This article will provide information on conservatories and garden rooms, as well as pointing out the different pros and cons of each.

1. The Conservatory

• The Benefits

Conservatories are areas that directly extend the property by adding another room to the house, along with valuable extra space. A well-established conservatory can be beneficial to improve the property market value, as well as providing more living space for the homeowner.

When conservatories are considered extensions, they are also considered aesthetic statements. In many cases, the idea of having a conservatory falls mainly to the aesthetic factor with people imagining warm days in a sunlit room reading or listening to music.

• The Drawbacks

While conservatories are known to be beneficial with their increased light, the sunlight drawn to the room is not always a good thing. The high level of natural light can make it almost impossible to view computer monitors; thereby, making conservatories impractical as offices. Furthermore, unless you have good blinds, the light can warp furniture, fade pictures, and bleach cushions.

garden room Scotland

While the construction time is not as lengthy as a full property extension, the conservatory will require extensive labor and several months for building. It is also a costly task with inconvenience to the homeowner.

2. The Garden Room

• The Benefits

A far more straightforward construction than the conservatory, the garden room Scotland can be easily designed for multiple functions. It can be utilized as a traditional garden room where one can relax, or as an area to entertain guests in the evening. For people who work from home, the garden room could be used as a home office or as an extra storage space. It is also possible to use the garden room as a home gym – allow the room to meet your needs as you require it.

Unlike the conservatory that is not insulated, the contemporary wooden garden rooms are well insulated making them comfortable for use throughout the year; even in the coldest months!

It should also be noted that when using a professional team, a garden room Scotland can be easily constructed in less than one week. This includes the time taken to lay the base, plus you will not need to handle any construction machinery as in the case of conservatories.

• The Drawbacks

Unlike the conservatory, the garden room is removed from the house. This can be beneficial if you enjoy being away from the home; however, it can also be a problem during the winter months when there is rain or snow. A garden room can also take up a great space in the garden and this needs to be considered when choosing to build this structure.