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dentures and partials

Dentures And Partials For A Natural Look

Extractions are only performed as a last resort after X-rays and a full evaluation of your clinical circumstances. When a dentist has determined that certain teeth are beyond the state of repair or responding to any restorative care, dentures and partials may be the only alternative. Any health conditions, current medications you are on, and the complexity of the oral procedure will affect this type of oral procedure. If you have decided to have dentures fitted, your dentist will be able to discuss with you the circumstances that will affect the suitability of extraction and whether you will require full or partial dentures after the procedure. Customized dentures and partials can be fitted in about 3 – 6 months after extraction to allow gum tissue to heal. The waiting period ensures a better fit and during this time temporary-wear immediate dentures will be fitted.


A partial denture, consists of replacement teeth that are attached to a plastic, gum-pink colored base held in place by a metal framework. They are suitable for patients who have some natural teeth remaining in the jaw to attach the bridge to. The most common partial dentures include cast metal, acrylic, and flexible dentures.

– Cast Metal Partial Dentures are strong, offer a good fit, and are less bulky. High quality natural looking teeth are crafted in the laboratory and attached to a metal frame. It takes about two to three weeks for an outside laboratory to create cast metal dentures.

– Flexible Partial Dentures are made from special materials for extra comfort and are almost invisible as they don’t have any visible metal clasps.

– Acrylic Partial Dentures are more affordable but may feel bulky. The artificial teeth are set in an acrylic base and attached with small metal clasps to natural teeth. Acrylic partial dentures are more natural-looking and durable.

dentures and partials

Full Dentures

Each style of full dentures has its own distinct advantages and your dentist will be able to advise you on the best option for you.

– UltimateFit Dentures are created with innovative and patented “High-Pressure Injection” technology. This unique process with top-of-the-range oral topography ensures that dentures perfectly fit the contours of the mouth cavity for ultimate comfort. The materials are extremely strong, lightweight, as well as stain- and odor resistant.

– Premium Dentures have a very natural appearance, are stain resistant, and the ultra-high density materials make them extremely durable. The dentures are first set in wax for fitting purposes and adjustments before they are custom-finished and set in a permanent acrylic base. The additional customizations give these dentures a more comfortable and natural look.

– EconomyPlus Dentures are made from more expensive material for more natural looking teeth. Custom-made in a similar fashion to Premium Dentures, but you will be allowed to make changes to suit your personal dental needs in a process that allows you to design your own smile.

– Economy Dentures are the most affordable option and frequently selected by individuals with budget considerations. After determining the size, shape, and look of your natural teeth the lab technician will create a model that will best fit your mouth.