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Shopping for Life Insurance With Claybrooke

Every adult should at least think about life insurance. Many younger, single adults assume that there’s no need for it – because if they die they will not be leaving any dependents behind. They don’t think about things like funeral expenses, which their surviving relatives would have to cover. Life insurance is intended for those expenses, and to clear their debts, as well as to cover things like mortgage payments for surviving dependents.

There are numerous different policies intended for people with different needs. Some policies are called “term policies” and will run for a specified duration. If you die while the policy is active, then your loved ones will be given a lump sum. When the policy ends, the cover ends, and the money that you paid into it is lost. Some policies are “whole life” policies – as long as you are paying into it, it is valid, and the policy will pay out when you die.

Some policies are aimed at young, healthy people. Some are aimed at people who have risky hobbies. Some insurance companies specialise in people with existing medical conditions, those who are older, and those who are engaged in high risk hobbies. People who are classed as being high risk will often find that they are charged more for their cover.

Organisations such as Claybrooke can help people to get the best possible deal on their life insurance. Claybrooke is a good company to deal with because it has partnerships with a huge number of insurance companies.


The team is happy to give people tips and advice so that they can find the best possible insurance policy for their needs, whether they want a policy that will protect their family with monthly payments for the duration of the policy, or something that will pay off debts or pay a lump sum.

The sooner you sort insurance out, the better – especially if you are healthy and young. You never know what you might get diagnosed with in the future, so start your policy while you are healthy and young and the premiums will be lower. That way, you have peace of mind. You can always get the details changed if your life circumstances change.

You can get cover for yourself, and you can get cover as a couple. The type of policy you take out will depend on the purpose of the cover. For a mortage related policy it is normal to take out cover that replicates the duration of the mortgage. For other purposes, such as to protect your loved ones from loss of income, you would want to take out a longer term, most likely.

Cover prices are affected by your lifestyle and your health. You can’t change your overall health, but you can improve your lifestyle by doing things like stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and losing weight if you are classed as overweight or obese. These things may help your policy eligibility – and will also improve your life expectancy.