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Finding Games for Android

Odds are you’ve managed to get all the playability you could out of Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies. You’re not going to sink any more money into the pay to win nonsense that is Clash of Clans or Clash Royale or anything else that involves clashing our battling or Royale’s with cheese and all that crazy stuff. You’re looking for something new and exciting. Something that’s free to play and free to win. No more having to spend to win or inviting all sorts of friends into your games for bonuses. You didn’t sign up to join a pyramid scheme, you signed up to play a game and have some fun for Pete’s sake. This isn’t supposed to be a struggle it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing. You need to find a website that will handle all your app getting needs without driving you insane with all sorts of spam, pop ups and other things meddling with your interface and your internet experience.

You need to go hit up the website Android4Fun, with hundreds, maybe even thousands of apps for you to choose from you’ll never be bored or left looking for something to do. There’s all kinds of games to try out on this site. First person shooters in the style of Fortnite and PUBG (Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!) To card games in the style of Hearthstone or Eternal. There’s something for everyone. Once you get onto this site you’ll be bowled over by the endless options you’ll have in front of you to choose from when it comes to game options. This is a gamer’s dream come true and if you got kids you’ll likely have to work on the parental controls of your electronic devices to figure out ways to get them to ever listen or pay attention to you again since they’ll be stuck in the cyber world playing everything they can get their hot little hands on.


If you’re tired of this world go to a new one. With Altered Reality games you can turn a boring walk through the park into an epic battle against monsters and abominations that seek to break your bones and shatter your soul. Turn the everyday into an adventure. Defuse bombs, fight zombies, do just about anything you can imagine and find yourself totally immersed in a whole new world with all sorts of crazy things going on. Do try to remember you’re still here on earth and don’t go running into the street to catch Pokemon. That sort of thing can end up going really badly for you.

So check out Android4Fun for all your gaming needs. They got way more games than I even know existed and they have dozens more going up on the site each and every week. You’ll never have a dull moment once your phone is fully loaded with all the best and most exciting games the internet has to offer. Seriously this website might get you divorced. Do remember you have a family.